1- Eat every 3 hours

an order to maintain your normal weight , your metabolism need to run regularly. So the best way to keep it going is to eat a small meal every 3 hours , don’t stay without eating for more than 3 hours.

2- Eat small portion

Alway eat small meals in between instead of a big plate of food, because the big meal will keep you fool for more than 3 hours and your belly will start filling up with air. so even an apple or banana counting as small meals.

3- Download a diet app

go to App Store or google play store download a diet app, what it does it’ll remind you when to eat every 3 hours. When you wait for more than 3 hours to eat your metabolism will slow down because it won’t find any food to burn and It’ll start burning your muscles instead of fat.

4- Get on a diet plan

getting on a diet plan is a most because eating will help you lose the weight so fast. Buy yourself lot of fruits and vegetables, salmon , breast chicken and more just surrounding yourself with only healthy foods and drink plenty of water and alway avoid juice and anything that’s includes sugar.

5- Eat 2 hours before Bedtime

Eating right before you go to bed is really bad for you and your health, and makes gain so much weight before you know it , When you each 2 hours before bed that gives your food time to digest before you go to bed, and also help you lose and maintain your normal weight.

if you follow these 5 steps about you will see results fast in just weeks. I want to hear from you please leave me a comment down below to let me know if you’re going to try them or if you’re already have and how it’s working for you so far. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in the comments area and I’ll sure answer all of your questions.

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